Congratulations! – You are going to be one of the Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) students arriving in Norway.  

 Here is some information about Norway and for having a successful year:

Norway is constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. The capital city is Oslo and currency is Norwegian kroner (NOK) 


The MultiDistrict Norway is organized as cooperation between the 6 Norwegian Rotary districts with the aim of coordination, support and service in Rotary Youth Exchange Norway. We will arrange an Introduction course, soon after your arrival and there will be a few camps and occasions which is mandatory for all students to participate. Such as introduction course and Oslo, Holmenkollen Ski Festival weekend. 


There will also be camps and tours at your own expense and the participation is voluntary. 

One of them is “The Winter Camp" The camp’s aim is to give you a basic knowledge of all the different types of skiing/winter activities and have fun. You can watch the Winter Camp 2019 video here.

 The other one is “The Norway Tour" Each year Multidistrict Norway arrange one coach tour through parts of Norway for all the inbound Rotary Youth Exchange students.  The tour is a “once in a lifetime-experience”.  Participation is voluntary, but we hope as many as possible of the students will take this unique opportunity to see and learn more about Norway.  

Please see the "Norway Tour 2019 


Constitution Day – 17TH MAY

This truly national day is to celebrate the signing of Norway’s Constitution on 17th May 1814. 

Each town and village throughout the country has a procession of school children and representatives of local organizations.Everyone who has one wears his /her national costume called " bunad" and it is literally a colorful experience!

Your School Year

Despite all the mandatory and voluntary Rotary events, you will be in Norway on a School scholarship, and not a travel scholarship. This means that you must participate in both classes and other activities at the high school you attend. Attending school and participation in school activities is mandatory and the whole idea behind your exchange. It is very important that you remember this.



It is very helpful and necessary for Inbounds to communicate in Norwegian when they are in Norway; the language is an important integration factor. So we expect you to start learning the Norwegian language immediately after your assignment to Norway. We will offer you an online based Language course which will be advised on your welcome letter. To get more information about language course please contact your Norwegian Host District. You are expected to be able to conduct a basic conversation when you arrive prior arrival to Norway. The host Districts will conduct a language test shortly after your arrival. There will be Norwegian language courses at the introduction course and the language learning will continue and followed up afterwards.  


 We welcome all students to explore Norway with Rotary Youth Exchange and have an unforgettable year.

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10. jun. 2023, 09.00 - 16.00

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